Big Design.

What we believe and what we think - It takes a critical balance of creative vision and experience to unite the two.

We think globally, regionally and culturally.
Drawing on 20+ years experience leading large project teams both domestically and abroad, we synthesize needs-oriented design, considering regional and local context to ensure our solutions successfully integrate with the fabric of the community. Our work is born from functionality-focused design thinking, in which our distinct creative direction and aesthetic overlay establishes a deep connection between the client’s goals, a community’s needs and its cultural influences.

We think forward
Our expertise to identify and resolve issues before they arise, provides us with the confidence to be flexible and responsive when they do.

We believe in the art of nature and the beauty of design.
Our team aims to create inspired spaces, sanctuaries from daily life that enable us to pause, take notice, and reconnect; with the land around us, our fellow people, and with ourselves.